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If you been struggling with anxiety, panic attack, stress, divorce, unable to get over your last relationship,negative thoughts, low confidence, unable to remain focus to produce results at work, then I want you to have some compassion for yourself. Dealing with that kind of emotions by yourself on a day to day basis can drain you out; and its not your fault. I promise you there is a way out. For now, this is what I want you to do: Take a deep, exhale, and know its going to be ok. I am here to help.


Benefits of Hypnosis


Have peace of mind

Learn to relax and manage stress effectively

Have focus and concentration

Find courage to pursue your dream

Personal power

Find happiness & Laugh more

Feel confident

Heals past love relationship/ or move forward from past relationship

Be more productive

Communicate better

Breaks habits: smoking, shyness, nail bitting and phobia and much more

Reprograms your mindset to make more money


 The Healing Service You Deserve!


If you have tried everything you could to overcome worry, fear, and anxiety of everyday life, but you never seem to have enough confidence to live your life boldly because you feel anxious or doubtful, it can be discouraging. Not only does your heart ache because you are not performing at the level you want to, you also don’t get to go for your dreams/or get that promotion, and may end up struggling to make ends meet.

The Only way to end this struggle is mastering your mind. Once you master this skill, through hypnosis, you never have to worry about your feeling good and felling confident again, it will be your natural self.

Personalized Attention You Deserve!

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I am Curious? Could You Imagine For A Moment If The Future Was Today? Let's Create A Brighter Future Together.

 Through hypnotherapy sessions you will Discover how to:

  • Get rid of easily being overwhelmed, and get your power back
  • Feel confident in your ability to perform highly with 100% focus and concentration no matter what’s going on at home, environment or circumstances
  • Confidence to speak up and have clear boundaries
  • Get along better with co-workers and also family for greater success
  • Make better decision easily and effectively without panic
  • Get control back at home, at work and in relationships
  • Discover how to Free yourself of past hurtful relationships that have been blocking you.
  • You will reprogram your mind for the better, and start experiencing happy thoughts
  • You will Let go of obsessive negative thinking that stops you
  • Most importantly, you will re-invent yourself 

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Satisfactory Service Always Delivered


Through proven step by step, live in person sessions, the Re-programming of Your Subconscious-mind System with hypnosis teaches you how to go from being anxious and panicky to never having to worry about your power, confidence, and peace of mind again.Confidence will become your natural self.


Stop feeling bad everyday, it costs you too much. It costs you energy, time and money. The greatest prison in life is the mind, free your mind to free yourself.


Stop suffering with not knowing if you will ever feel peace. It’s time to end the struggle, get your power back, perform at the level you want, and FINALLY THRIVE.


We Can Help!

It's the Perfect Occassion To Create A new Vision For Your Future

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*For me, being someone very private who doesn't share, show, or express emotions much, I bottled up a lot of feelings, thoughts, and maybe even some resentment over the years. Prior to my sessions, I never stopped and realized how powerful the mind can be and how much of an impact it has throughout our life and day-to-day activities. Hypnotherapy has been a tough, yet necessary, and eye-opening experience for me. I can honestly say I'm now in a much better place in many aspects of my life. Thank you, your subconscious health system has helped me so much! Your knowledge, sympathy, and compassion have made this process that much easier. I am forever grateful.

Laura M, San Leandro

*"I have been struggling with depression and other mental blocks for quite some time.
I had my apprehensions concerning hypnotherapy, but at this point in my life I was willing to try anything. So I decided to give Mrs. Lantimo a call. I was so happy that I did, and her services were worth every penny!
Ever since my first session, I began to realize that my confidence became stronger, and my outlook; brighter. I also realized that I could focus more as well as keep my mind more attuned to positivity. So, in conclusion, I highly recommend Sarah's sessions, and I promise you that you will not be disappointed."

Dallas, Hayward CA

*"I have been to various counselors/therapists but none have given me the results I got with Sarah! I have take away some wonderful tools that have helped me to see beyond the grief and depression that I was experiencing. One of the tools she gave me helps me on a daily basis in how I am seeing things in my life. Sarah's manner was so soft and compassionate, it was like sharing with a good friend. Our next to last session gave me exactly what I needed, because it ended with her expressing to me things that I had not shared but felt deeply in my heart. I left her office feeling like I had a great weight lifted and that life is and can be good!! I would recommend hypnosis (which I felt was just a verrrrry relaxed state of mind) and Sarah to anyone looking to develop a better handle on life."

Patricia, Oakland Ca

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is magnetized focus and concentration. Once in that stated you will become very receptive and responsive to suggestions. This state of magnified focus and concentration will allow you to experience memory, thoughts and images while bypassing the critical conscious mind and an accessing the subconscious mind.

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What does being hypnotized feels like?

Hypnosis is a meditative trance state. First the body is relaxed and second, the conscious part of the mind is activated and where most of the transformational work happens. In that focus relaxing state the mind can focus and solve any issues.

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When you are in hypnosis, are you asleep?

No, when you are in hypnosis you are trance state. You may look like you are sleeping, but on the contrary you are very aware and you will remember everything the hypnotherapist says to some degree. Hypnosis is not sleep...

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Why Is Hypnosis So Effective

All hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis, because there must be willingness to be hypnotized.As a hypnotist, I assist my clients to navigate the trance state to produce results. Its a natural state of consciousness that our brain and mind move in and out of every 90 minutes throughout the day. Once you are in that state, you are focused with an increased in sensory perception. In the state of hypnosis your brain-waves slows down giving you greater access to your subconscious mind. In that state you can change unhealthy patterns into new positive behaviors.

The reason why hypnotherapy is so effective is because the mind doesn't necessarily know the difference between images of the minds and actual events on our walking outside reality. Through hypnosis, you can give yourself a great dose of life enhancing and supportive images, and your body will respond accordingly. 




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