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Kicking Chronic Laziness in the butt!

As with everything in life we always find a way to stop, sabotage ourselves and get set in our ways. Being lazy is something we learn. Overtime, we might make excuses as to why we don’t take action. After a while it becomes the natural way of  “being” if you don’t follow through with your goals.  If we don’t take any action in the moments that we feel lazy, we reinforce the habits of laziness which in turn creates chronic laziness and depression. Here are 5 steps to overcome chronic laziness.

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PHH Energy Flows where Attention Goes

How to Strengthen your “Will Power” to Implement a Productive Habit

Did you know that you can literally brainwash your mind into any new habit that works for you? Here is the thing, all facets …

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My Personal Journey

Over the last 2 years I have helped over 100 people get freedom from their anxiety/ panic attacks in my private practice …

PHH focus and concentration

The Basics to Achieving More Success in Your Life

The key to being successful at anything in life lies in the dual mastery of Focus and Concentration. At some point in …