Why Focusing On Anxiety Is A Waste Of Time! Here’s What To Do Instead…

I’ve made a huge realization and it’s changing the way how I run my practice….

Over the past four years, I’ve been advertising myself as someone who helps others with anxiety. I’ve worked as a hypnotherapist helping hundreds of people successfully resolve their issues with anxiety.

It’s been very rewarding to see my clients go from a place of living in fear and anxiety….Thinking that something is wrong with them or something bad will happen, to being in a place where they’re in their power and producing the results that they’ve always wanted.

Today, after four years of working on this, I’ve gotten the greatest epiphany as to how my clients got their results….

After looking at all the successes…I realize I didn’t help them by focusing on their anxiety…That’s the problem…

The actual solution that I helped my clients obtain was CONFIDENCE.

By helping my clients become confident the anxiety naturally disappeared!

I began to notice that all the clients I’ve worked with gained confidence in many aspects of their lives…

Confidence to say no to unhealthy relationships…Confidence to attract the right partner…Confidence to pursue their dream career…Confidence to ask for a raise…Confidence to communicates their needs…And the confidence to re-invent themselves.

This has made me realize that people come to me for confidence, to feel great, to live in their power.

Many of the people I have worked with have done many years of psychotherapy and other forms of growth and training development, but the problem was they were not getting the RESULTs that they wanted.

And I realized the result that what my clients were seeking and got from me is: Confidence.

But it’s not just about getting confidence in one area of life. You can have confidence at work but not have confidence in your relationships…and the end result will be a life that’s not working. I believe you need to have confidence in your body, career, and relationships for your life to work.

Because of this, I am reshaping the messaging of my practice and I’m creating a new program called MultiConfidence.

 My goal is to support thousands of people become CONFIDENT in multiple areas of their lives to truly LIVE IN THEIR POWER.

Think of the people in life who are making things happen… What do they all have in common? You already know what I’m about to say…Confidence. A life without confidence stops you from participating in activities and has you suppress your authentic self-expression.

You need confidence everywhere in life, interacting with friends and family, getting in the relationship of your dreams, having the body you want…It all starts with YOU and how YOU feel about yourself first!

The problem is without confidence people sabotage their opportunities or worse, they don’t even go for the important things and stop playing the game of life.

A world without confidence is a world where you are living in fear, overthinking every detail, worrying about the future and wanting to control everything.

On the flip side, what would your life be like with complete confidence?

Well let me tell you, a life with confidence would allow you to feel great, you would feel like you are living in your power, which would result in joy, happiness, courage and satisfaction that you are looking for.

These results would provide a life where you finally get what you most want in life. Whether it be money, freedom, relationships, making better decisions, or pursuing a purpose, you need confidence. Confidence is first and foremost.

As for myself, I’m very confident these days. I’m an immigrant that built a six-figure business from scratch. I live and breathe confidence and I want this for all people out there. I’m a successful hypnotherapist and NLP life coach, and I’m with the partner of my dreams. I strongly believe that my confidence has been the key to my success, but it wasn’t always this way…

I remember the years when I didn’t have confidence, it felt like I was drifting in life, following anybody and everybody, I took jobs that made me unhappy, and was in relationships for all the wrong reasons. I felt scared about opportunities, I was so worried, scared to invest in myself, and worse, I was scared of people.

Thinking about it now, I think how could my life have ever progressed with so much fear?   And I didn’t progress much during that time. I had so many unconscious fears that stopped me and weighed me down to the point that I didn’t want to do much, and it made me sad because I thought something was wrong with me, especially when I saw others achieving the results they wanted.

I remembered every year that passed, I felt so much guilt for having not accomplished my goals, and this bothered me. So one day I realized that enough is enough, I have to deal with my confidence issues, and I sought help and invested in myself to get the confidence I needed to LIVE MY LIFE.

I’m glad I made that decision once and for all because I know I’m worth it. I knew solving my confidence issues would solve most aspects of my life…and it did.

Now, I have the bandwidth to live up to my potential, and I profoundly know that I’m great. I live everyday in joy, gratitude, and power.

I believe that when the universe blesses you with something, it’s your job to share it and to give it away. For me, it’s sweeter to share my gifts and secrets of success with others than to keep it to myself. I want this for all of my friends, clients, and everyone that I come in contact with.

So I want to make this available to you.

For this month, I’m opening up 10 slots for FREE (valued at $197)

“Multiply Your Confidence” strategy session – for you or a friend. Please mention this post to get this deal, otherwise, the usual fee applies. First come first served.


CONTACT ME NOW 510-598-7170

In this free session we’ll get clear on where you are, where you want to be, and what it’ll take to get there. From there, I’ll share some of my best tips on multiplying your confidence.

After, if I feel it makes sense, I’ll invite you to be a part of my new MultiConfidence program to help you FULLY own your confidence and create the life of your dreams!

I don’t know how long this will be free for as my schedule is booking up fast, but I can guarantee that I have 10 spots available for this month…

If you know you NEED more confidence, then the risk of not booking is that you’ll likely continue to feel stuck. The anxiety doesn’t go away on its own. You’ll likely continue living below your potential. And it’ll likely to take a lot longer to get the results you want…If you ever get to them to them at all.

Don’t wait. Don’t hope for things to change. Instead, I encourage you to take action and commit to becoming your greatest self!

Call now 510-598-7170 or submit an application for your Multi-Confidence Strategy session, and we will call you back and schedule with you.


CONTACT ME NOW 510-598-7170

Multiply Your Confidence is designed to make sure you get there.

If you feel that confidence is missing in your life, reach out to me by phone call or text at 510-598-7170 to schedule your free session now! Or click on the Link below to submit your application for this Free Multiply your confidence Strategy session.


CONTACT ME NOW 510-598-7170

You are worthy of living a great life. You are powerful. I see that in you.

Let’s create this vision together and re-invent yourself. Call me now, and let’s schedule your Multiply Your Confidence Strategy Session today!

CONTACT ME NOW 510-598-7170

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