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Can You Relate With Any of The Questions Below?

Suffering From Too Much Stress?
Do You Struggle With Losing Weight?
Are You Addicted To Smoking?

Do You Lack Drive & Motivation?
Do You Want to Let Go of Anger?
Do You Experience Extreme Anxiety or Fear?

Are You Suffering From Chronic Physical Pain?
Do You Have “Fear of Success”?
Do You Need More Self-Confidence?

Do You Worry Too Much?
Having Trouble Letting Go of a Past Love Relationship?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then you’ve finally come to the right website!


I can truly help you with hypnosis!



Time To Tap Into Your Subconscious Mind – And Finally, Start Living Your Dream Life With Hypnosis 





 Don’t even think of hypnosis until you understand the benefits of how it will forever change your life and how you see the world.


I promise it will be all for the better!


Hypnosis is one of the most valuable tools for your personal growth.


There is nothing worse than being trapped in the prison of your mind. Your mind is the most beautiful thing ever created. It can either trap you or liberate you. One thing for sure, being trapped in the mind is not fun. Being trapped in the mind is a feeling like nothing can help you, it feels like no one can make you happy. Anything gets you angry or sad or fearful or hurt or feeling regretful about past actions or conversations.


Living in such a mental state costs you the ability to be present with loved ones, cost you focus at work and cost you time and money. Honestly, it cost you living your life fully. One of the fastest and only ways to break through this is through hypnosis. Hypnosis does not discriminate; it will set you free. Here is how:


The process of hypnosis is safe, soothing, gentle, yet very powerful. Through hypnotherapy, it's easy to get in touch with your inner resources so you can make these resources and available to you for everyday living.


Hypnotherapy has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, panic attacks, supporting the immune system, lowering blood pressure and producing physiological changes that speed healing. Believe it or not, hypnosis is the most researched field in psychology today. There has been more than 70,000 research in the field of psychology that recognized hypnosis as the number one effective tool to overcome any negative patterns, habits, and emotions.


Hypnosis Helps With Many Areas:


Are You Desiring To Quit Smoking?


On average, hypnosis is over three times as effective as nicotine replacement methods and 15 times as effective as trying to quit alone. Hypnosis uses the power of the mind to change the negative behaviors, and it is the mind that creates the addiction to smoking 20 or 30 cigarettes a day. In hypnosis, we’re using that same power, much like a computer, to make those changes and have you quit smoking effectively. Deciding today to quit smoking through hypnosis is the best decision you will ever make for your health. If you are thinking, not today, tomorrow! Then let me tell you, you only can guarantee today as your quit smoking day. Do yourself a favor, let’s quit today while you still have a choice in the matter. It will be the best decision that you have ever made, and you will feel proud of yourself. Call Today 


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Are You Desiring To Remove Your Fears?


Hypnosis is a great tool to help you remove your fears. Fears of the future, negative thinking. Fear of starting over whether after a relationship or a divorce or a career. The capacity for the human mind to create anew is incredibly remarkable. Fear is crippling. 80% of the population doesn’t take risks and pursue opportunities because of fear.  Letting go of your fears starts today for you.


You are done sacrificing your life to fear!


Decide that you are done with fears, and start allowing your mind to guide you through hypnosis. Through hypnosis, you will successfully put to use more of your own mind and activate your inner strength, courage, and inner happiness. If you think if you don’t need to let go of fear, then think again, life only rewards those who take courageous action despite their past. Courage is your new path, and it will bring you much success in your life right now. Start today, call now and schedule. 


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Are You Desiring Motivation In Your Career?

Hypnosis is a great way to gain motivation in your career. Through hypnosis, you can access all the resources that you will need to reach your highest potential in your career and start making the income you deserve. You can also easily change your unproductive and unhealthy patterns into new positive behaviors that will give you the results that you are desiring in your career. If you keep doing the same things, you will get the same results, do something different, do hypnosis.  Start Today & Call Now 


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85% of top performers, CEO, athletes, actors all do hypnosis.


Why not You? This is your time to be great! If you are not currently motivated in your career, then it’s time to get motivated. Otherwise, you will keep remaining plateau and your well will eventually dry up. Getting motivated with hypnosis will be a gift to your purpose and to your family. Time to thrive, grow and prosper in your career. You will be glad about all the achievements you will be accomplishing in your career. Start being motivated today, call now and schedule.


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Are You Desiring Better Focus And Concentration?


Whether you or your kid is struggling with ADD and ADHD, hypnosis is such a great tool to bring focus. The single act of going into hypnosis alone trains your mind and brain for better focus. To succeed, whether in school or to get grades up or career advancement, your ability to focus will determine how far you get ahead in life. Are you someone with a short attention span, prone to being easily distracted?


Many people assume that focus is a trait you’re either born with or not, but really, it’s a learned skill, and under hypnosis, it’s a fun skill that your unconscious mind will be delighted to be skilled at. Get focused with maximum concentration now. Start Now! Call now and schedule 


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Are You Desiring Confidence & Raised Self-Esteem?


Self-identity is huge in life, based on who you think you are, who you consider yourself to be, will always determine your actions in life. Lack of self-worth, feeling less than, feeling ashamed of who you are or ashamed of what you have to offer, whether at work or in a relationship will always have you compromise yourself into an unhealthy situation.


If you have been founding yourself in unhealthy situations or unable to communicate for what you want, then at some unconscious level you might be dealing with confidence or self-esteem issues.


Through hypnosis, you can easily get rid of any anxiousness and you to you and you will be able to gain the confidence you have always been looking for. Hypnosis can help you become more aware and more in tune with your body and with your intuition, boost self-esteem, and brings more of what you want in life. Thinking you don’t need confidence is a mistake because sooner or later, you will realize confidence opens the door to all opportunities. It doesn’t matter if you are handsome, beautiful or ivy league graduate. Confidence is the secret ingredient that will have you thrive in all aspect of life. Gaining confidence will make your life easier by 1000%. Start being confident today! Call now and schedule 


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Looking To Reduce Anxiety & Get Peace Of Mind?


Your mind is like a super fancy computer. Like any computer, over time you have to clean and update your software because the times have changed. Over time if you are not clearing old patterns, habits, and emotions, you will begin to feel stuck and anxious about your future.


Through hypnosis you can easily let go of anger, sadness, fear, hurt, shame and guilt, so that you can begin to reclaim your peace of mind. This will be the most rewarding favor you will do for yourself and your mind. Anxiety gets in the way of your focus, your sleep, and your health.


If you think that you don’t need to clear your mind think again because a life without peace of mind is no life at all. Most people wait till they have a nervous breakdown, or until they are on medication to claim their inner peace of mind. But you don’t have to have a catastrophe before taking action.Call now and take action today


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You can take action NOW!


Whenever you are in the process of finding your peace, you can reverse the damage. Get acquainted with the healing power of your unconscious mind today. Now, claim your peace of mind today through hypnosis, it will be the best gift for your life and to your loved ones. Start claiming your peace if mind today. Call now and schedule 


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Are You Desiring To Lose Weight And keep It Off?

Hypnosis Is Over 30 Times As Effective For Weight Loss.

Research into cognitive-behavioral weight loss treatments established that weight loss is greater where hypnosis is utilized. If you feel hungry after you have just got done eating, or feeling guilty & sad after you have binge eating, then you might be dealing with emotional eating problems that can be easily solved through hypnosis.


Hypnosis can specifically help you resolve the underlying psychological problems causing you to hate exercise, experience intense cravings, binge at night, or eat mindlessly. It will help you identify the triggers and disarm them.


Hypnosis helps you change your way of thinking about food and eating, and help stop emotional eating. Hypnosis allows you to learn to be more calm and relaxed when you eat. Hypnosis works for weight loss because it will enable you to separate food and eating from your emotional life. The danger of emotional eating is that you can pack a lot of weight in a very short amount of time, and this will pose a health risk. Solving your emotional eating problem will allow you to feel good in your body, and learn how to intuitively eat, which will be the best act of self-love toward yourself.


Start today! Kick emotional eating to the curve with hypnosis. Call today and schedule now


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 Desiring to Reduce Pain and Speed up Recovery from Surgery?


Patients who have done hypnosis reported less post-treatment pain than patients without hypnosis. Hypnosis can be useful in conjunction with other modality of healing or in conjunction with your doctor. Whether it be pain associated with cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, joint problems, dental procedures, and headaches.


With hypnosis, you speed up your healing and recovery rate by 85%. With hypnosis, you will uncover beliefs, behaviors that drains your energy, create stagnancy or block you from fully healing. These imbalances can result in physical or emotional imbalances in the body. Most people heal on average 6-9 weeks.  After that time passed, most medical doctors will consider your condition as psychosomatic, and hypnosis is a great tool to help you connect the mind-body connection for healing. Some people think, with time things get better, but really the truth is with time the patterns of the body gets stronger.


You are worth it, you will be much better off without the pain.


You will feel so much more relaxed. Start feeling better today through hypnosis.Call and Schedule today 


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Desiring To Lower Impulsivity And Anger?


Hypnosis is the number one effective tool to get rid of anger and impulsivity. I have worked with many people that have gone to anger management program and hypnosis is one of the sure way methods that assisted their success by 94%.


It’s time to change old current learned attitudes, beliefs and perceptions that brings so much guilt to you. Through hypnosis, you will learn how to choose your emotions and start making empowering choices that you are proud of.


Anger ruin families, it pushes people away. Honestly, being known as an angry person is a negative identity to be associated with. If you have experienced explosive anger, then you know how easy it is for people to trigger you, and you feel resentful and hateful toward others and yourself.


Being so easily triggered leaves you powerless and out of control. No worries, there is a way out! Claiming your power inner power starts today! It's time to start feeling calmed and relaxed.  Now, claim your power back and tap into the calmness within with hypnosis. Call and schedule today 


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Hypnosis Is The key To Help You Reach Your Goals In Your Life.

If you feel tired and drained in trying to figure out how to get out of the prison of your mind, then, its time to give hypnosis a try. It's time to stop living in fear and sadness. You will never know the power of your mind until you give hypnosis a go. It’s time to start removing your roadblocks once and for all.

I know that you can hear in the depth of your mind that you are worth it, and it's your time to shine. If you are bored and tired of the same old same happenings in your life, then you ready for the next exciting chapter of your life, and it’s a sure sign that hypnotherapy may be right for you.

If you think, that you don’t need hypnosis, then think again because we are all being programmed every day, with advertisements, news, old family programming, that you will realize that you had not even begun to create your own life. Time to create a life of your own design! Time to re-invent yourself and feel proud of your life.

You deserve the best of health, happiness, and success and with the Science of Hypnosis, you will have better health, more happiness, and unstoppable success! Now is the moment of re-creating the new you!

I’m Sarah Lantimo, your hypnotherapist.


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"I was having really bad anxiety and self-confidence issues. I never thought of trying Hypnosis. I was encouraged by a friend to try it out. I went to see Sarah and she was amazing. She was so easy to talk to and just helped me find a positive out look on how to deal with some of the negative emotions I was feeling inside. I'm not so hard on myself anymore and try to find a positive outlook on any difficult situations I might be facing. If you're open to trying hypnosis. I recommend Sarah."

R. S. Union City, CA





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Let's Talk

Are You Looking to Make Positive Changes?

Private Hypnosis Sessions can change your life by helping you to take positive and healthy control of your mind & body, and of your life. I would love to talk to you personally about what you would like to accomplish and how I can help you with hypnosis.

I conduct Private Hypnotherapy Sessions in my office in Union City Ca, and remotely from my home in Marin County, Ca. My sessions are one 1.5 - 2 hrs long because I want you to get the most from our time together without you feeling rushed.

If you would like to talk and/or set up a personal 1 hour intake private appointment with me, go ahead and call me now. I will help you determine if hypnosis would be a great fit for you



"I began therapy with Sarah a few months ago and I couldn't be happier. She has helped me like no other therapy or drug ever has. I was referred to her at a time when I  was completely desperate and needed help. I can't say enough good things to thank this wonderful woman. She's helped me find the peace of mind I didn't think was possible. I highly recommend her!" CLaudia F. Oakland, CA





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If you are out of the area, I also conduct private Hypnosis and NLP Coaching on FaceTime or Zoom. If you’re connected to the internet, Zoom can make it easy for us to conduct a private hypnotherapy session right in your own home.


I can make you a personalize Hypnosis recording, that way you can make your change a permanent one by replaying key aspects of our sessions.  This will support you in continuing on your own to reinforce the positive mental suggestions that have been embedded in your subconscious.


"I've been straggling with panic attacks while driving for many years. I've seen many therapists, and not much help.  I've wanted to try hypnosis, and I found Sarah.  I am so happy and thankful that I found Sarah.  She is helping me to regain my confidence and to control my fears and anxiety.  I am so impressed by Sarah's knowledge and how she applies awesome techniques and teachings to help me with my fears!  I am so impressed by the care, dedication, and professionalism she provides.  I knew since my first session that I found the right person to help me.  I highly recommend!  Thank you Sarah!" Dolores M--Hayward,CA




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In A Nutshell

 I am a Certified Hypnotherapist and a member of the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners.

Hypnotherapy has proven to be very successful in helping people overcome mental and even physical obstacles. Hypnotherapy can guide you too.

With hypnotherapy sessions, you can reach your goals. You can lose weight or stop smoking. You can overcome those cravings, relationship dependencies that seems so hard to break.


You can also eliminate fears and phobic anxieties, reduce stress and tension and become more confident and more motivated in your life. Hypnosis can increase your memory , assist regression therapy, and sleep deprivation/insonmia.


You can become more relaxed and a more pleasant person to be around. Your friends will love you. Through hypnosis, you can greatly reduce or eliminate anger, because it will help you to let go of negative emotions and negative habits.


Using my latest cutting-edge hypnosis induction methods, and through Mental emotional release (MER), emotional release techniques (ERT), neurolinguistic programming, Parts integrations, Regresion therapy, EFT, NLP breakthrough session and much more.


As a highly trained professional, I am able to achieve significant success in removing fears & phobias, negative habits, PTSD, anxieties, depression and more, as well as helping to instill more self-confidence, self-esteem, focus & concentration, energy, discipline and a positive outlook.


Most clients experience complete success with hypnosis within a short amount of time

I offer hypnotherapy sessions privately, in person, zoom or FaceTime. 

At your request, I also offer personalized self-hypnosis programs customized to your own goals in life, available for download.



"I have been struggling with depression and other mental blocks for quite some time. 
I had my apprehensions concerning hypnotherapy, but at this point in my life I was willing to try anything. So I decided to give Mrs. Lantimo a call. I was so happy that I did, and her services were worth every penny!
Ever since my first session, I began to realize that my confidence became stronger, and my outlook; brighter. I also realized that I could focus more as well as keep my mind more attuned to positivity. 
So, in conclusion, I highly recommend Sarah's sessions, and I promise you that you will not be disappointed."Dallas M-Hayward



contact me at sarah@powerfulhypnosishealing.com for rates and further information. I look forward to you having a great life. Hypnotherapy Sessions can change your life. I would love to speak to you personally about what you would like to accomplish in your life today.


"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens." -Carl Jung


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"I started seeing Sarah after I experienced my first anxiety attacks. In my case, I realized I had become susceptible to having such attacks frequently and in situations where I would not at all have previously expected them to occur (e.g., when simply driving to work).

However, through my sessions with Sarah (and, of course, changing a number of my daily/weekly habits), I am very happy to note that I feel exceptionally better, back in control, and I'm unsure that I would have been able to learn how to manage my anxiety without her guidance and efforts.

If you're experiencing a new emotional or mental state that is negatively impacting your life, I encourage you to reach out to Sarah and give her expertise, kindness, and patience a try. Our emotional/mental health affects everything about us, and you don't need to continue struggling alone."

Austin A, Fremont CA

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.



The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. Winston Churchill

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